Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes these templates?

Any web designer who wants to contribute and make some money. Just sign up as a designer to start selling your own creations. A designer account does not cost anything, we only keep 10% of actual sales.

Will you publish templates for OSCommerce, Magento, X-Cart, This Shopping Cart, That Shopping Cart or even WordPress?

No, we focus on designs for the AShop V shopping cart software. We will accept related materials though, such as banner designs, minisites, sales letter templates, as long as it is useful for online businesses running AShop V.

So, I am not allowed to use your templates for any other shopping cart?

We do not prohibit you from using the templates in any way you like, but you will probably need to modify them to adapt them to another eCommerce software.

What happens if I need to change some of the text or even graphical elements of the templates?

You get the source Photoshop files for all graphics and everything you need to customize the templates to suit your needs.

Can you make me a custom design?

Yes, just contact us and we will hook you up with a designer who can help you out.

I loved this particular design I found here but wouldn't want anyone else to use it since I'd like my shop to have a unique look. What should I do?

Contact us to check if the design has been sold to other customers already. If not, we can make you a deal where you get exclusive rights to the design. This will cost more than buying it as a regular template.

Who runs this service?

The company behind this service is AShop Software, a Swedish company that has developed the shopping cart software AShop V. We have been in the eCommerce business since 2001 and have provided shopping carts to hundreds of merchants all over the globe. For more information check out website:

What do I need to use these templates?

You need an AShop V shopping cart. You can get a free 30 day trial at: A full license costs $299, which is a one-time fee. Alternatively, if you sell downloadable products you can get a merchant account at our digital goods marketplace: which costs only $50.